MoneyWare Custody

Sophisticated, highly automated one-stop solution for global custodians

Custody banking services have traditionally been used to park billions of dollars worth of several different types of financial assets.  Today, with fast-changing global markets, speed, scale, access, compliance and security are critical in the world of global financial trade and wealth management. Custodial banks can maximise their operational capabilities with cutting-edge technology by implementing MoneyWare custody software.

Brokers, money managers and institutional investors can manage their assets from anywhere in the world, efficiently and quickly.

Hatton National Bank, Sri Lanka automates its Custody Operations with MoneyWare Custody Software

Wide coverage of asset classes including equities, fixed income, funds, derivatives, foreign exchange and money market instruments

Automated trade validation with rule-based processing

Flexible client position keeping model, real-time position update

Covers holding breakups such as: settled, to deliver, to receive, lent, borrowed, pledged

Broad range of corporate actions, with automated notifications and instruction processing

Trade affirmation and pre-matching services, while also supporting contractual as well as actual settlements

MoneyWare Custody Solution minimizes your exposure to risk and enables quick decision making

Compliance with SWIFT

Configurable search engine for every entity in the system

Extensive security features allows for stringent monitoring and control

Generic file upload for processing feed files in different formats

Open architecture for developing custom interfaces

Parameterized audit trail for every maintainable unit


The MoneyWare Custody Solution advantage

SWIFT and proprietary data exchange formats in STP mode

High scalability and improved operational efficiencies at very low marginal cost

Supports multiple currencies, entities and markets

Serves custodians with a holistic view of assets, convenient search facilities, and total compliance with regulations and client mandates

Relationship managers can outline investor profile and propose suitable AUC (Assets Under Custody) fees and transaction fees

Supports third-party interfaces and reconciliations (e.g., trades from an external feed, bank and depositary data for reconciliation) with easy integration

Miles Software Leader in IBS Intelligence Sales League Table 2018


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