FundWare AIFMD Solution

Monitor and regulate investments within
the regulatory framework

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is a set of directives that helps govern, manage and regulate hedge funds, private equity and any other alternative investment. FundWare AIFMD Compliance solution empowers portfolio managers to rapidly comply with the AIFMD requirements without implementation costs or delay.

Reduce cost of compliance significantly and take advantage of the  plug-and- play feature-rich solution.

How FundWare for AIFMD can help fund managers

AIFMD Leverage Calculations

On-going monitoring of AUM versus relevant “threshold limits”.

Accurate leverage monitoring and reporting on both Gross and Commitment method, consistent with the AIFMD Level 2 requirements.

AIFMD Liquidity Monitoring

Comprehensive liquidity monitoring and stress testing on multiple parameters of the investment profile.

Risk Limit System for each AIF

Set up multiple internal risk limits for each AIF.

Automated monitoring of portfolios for consistency with the agreed risk profile.

Recording of Portfolio Transactions

The OMS functionality enables capture of all trades.

Capture of due diligence and pre-trade approvals.

Features of FundWare AIFMD Compliance Software

Aggregation of all data within MoneyWare FundWare

Secure data maintenance for all data including alternative investment data

Access to complete audit trail with historical data leading to greater transparency

Flexible data upload formats

XML regulator reporting different formats such as excel, pdf, etc.

Outsourced managed service option

Integrated with leading administrators records

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