Revenue & Incentive Management System

Manage multiple revenue streams and incentives with a single integrated platform

Wealth managers and financial intermediaries work with several systems trying to consolidate revenue streams and manage incentives. With MoneyWare’s Revenue and Incentive Management System (RIMS), you get a single consolidated solution to manage a comprehensive suite of processes including maintenance of standardized rate cards to invoicing and accounts receivables and much more. Spend your valuable time on growing the business and less time on manual computation of data.

Enhance customer satisfaction with speedy, accurate and streamlined revenue reports and better performance from your financial intermediaries with on-time incentives management.

Revenue and incentive management solution – features

Calculate management, performance, advisory and transaction based fees

Revenue accruals calculated automatically

Handle receivables and payables, reconciliation activities and automate
the generation of periodic reports

Manage third party manufacturer rate cards with flexible parameters such as value or volume for multiple periods

Track incentive programs for sales force and client engagement teams based on various indicators
relating to employee compensation

Maintain receivables and payables schedule, product-wise receivables and payables from/to channel
partners and employee incentives

Facilitate actual pay out to channel partners/sales force

Provide business and operational MIS

Maintain client and company accounts with an easy to use General Ledger interface

Enhance customer experience with MoneyWare’s Reporting Services.

Automate, generate, facilitate – your revenue management cycle made easy

Plug revenue and fee leakage with rules-based computation

Speedy reconciliation for better cash flow management and payment cycle

Optimize operational costs due to increased automation, comprehensive and accurate reporting

Increase greater satisfaction and improve relationships with timely distribution of fees and commissions for direct and indirect channels

Provide high level of data integrity through a controlled operational workflow across various users

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