Portfolio & Risk Analytics Solution

A financial portfolio management tool with powerful analytics is an added advantage

MoneyWare’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics is a comprehensive suite of offerings that enables portfolio managers construct and manage large and multi-asset classes with ease and speed. The solution has the capability to apply several risk methods such as Value at Risk (VaR) based risk assessment and monitoring framework, ‘what if’ analysis and stress testing, performance and risk reporting and more.

MoneyWare is the edge that Portfolio Managers need to grow their business

Advanced Portfolio Performance & Risk Analysis

Blended portfolio and benchmark

Stock-level attribution

Integrated and cloud based service

Complete coverage of analysis & data

Perform “what-if” analysis

Benefit from a single solution platform that enables and empowers

Multi-asset class coverage

One-stop performance and risk analysis platform for investment managers

Help investment managers identify, measure and manage risk across their portfolios using integrated Performance and Risk Analytics

 Measure and monitor portfolio level risk measures using advanced risk algorithms – Parametric, Historical and Monte-Carlo simulation based models

Comprehensive coverage and analysis of all your data on one platform without the hassle

Help investment managers increase sales and AUM, improve client service, create timely reports, meet regulations and reduce costs

Supports integration with third-party fund and data management systems for seamless analytics

Help investment managers measure, manage and attribute key performance attributes across their portfolios

Miles Software Leader in IBS Intelligence Sales League Table 2018


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