FundWare for Depositary Oversight

FundWare helps you govern and manage
your depositary compliance seamlessly

Today, investment managers have global markets as their canvas. They can grow their clients’ assets and wealth across multi-location, multi-currency and multi-asset class. In order that investments are safe, directives such as the UCITS are critical for the health of these investments. Depositaries have to ensure that they follow the framework provided by regulatory bodies as per applicable laws and regulations.

FundWare helps wealth managers monitor and govern their assets under custody without breaking a sweat.

FundWare Depositary Oversight is a feature-rich solution


Transaction Register for Non-Custody Assets
  • Easily capture all non-custody assets including derivatives, deposits, private equity, real estate and more
  • Easily find links to related documents
  • Blend of automated and manual input for uploading multiple file formats from multiple brokers / counterparties
Out-of-the-box limit monitoring and reporting
  • Monitoring of all UCITS investment rules, prospectus and more
  • On-going monitoring of AUM versus relevant “threshold limits”
  • Leverage monitoring and reporting on both Gross Method and Commitment Method
  • Liquidity monitoring and reporting for regulatory reporting, investor disclosures, holding disclosures and more
  • Automated production of investor disclosures
  • Capture of AIF’s risk profile and monitoring of internal risk limits
Value at Risk Monitoring
  • Value at Risk monitoring, in association with Statpro
  • Stress testing and back testing
Cash Flow Monitoring
  • Automated monitoring of all fund cash flows
  • Monitoring against limits, frequency, approved payees, non-timely settlement of cash flows, etc.
NAV Validation Framework
  • Automated checks to meet requirements for oversight of fund valuation
  • Monitoring for large movers, stale prices, unquoted and suspended stocks, expense accruals, etc.
  • Derivatives re-pricing
Subscriptions and Redemptions Module
  • Capture all subscription and redemption creation /cancellation instructions
  • Reconcile instructions to cash-flows, including on an aggregated basis
Custody Oversight
  • Suite of reports for easy analysis of exposure to markets, issuers, brokers and counter parties
  • Collateral monitoring, including excess collateral
Stock and Cash Reconciliations
  • Supporting reconciliation between fund accounting and custody records through Stock and Cash reconciliation framework

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