Global Disclosures Monitoring 

FundWare automates monitoring of shareholding
and short selling disclosures 

Market participants are required to make disclosures to the regulators globally upon accumulation of a substantial shareholding in an entity, investment in a protected industry, participate in a takeover bid or engage in short selling. The intricacy of rules for different disclosure requirements for each jurisdiction poses significant challenges to market participants. It requires continuous monitoring of changes attributed to their investment activities and identifying obligations for disclosure.

FundWare automates the scrutiny of the global disclosure investment rules reporting across 70+ jurisdictions on a single platform.

One single, flexible platform for disclosure monitoring

Out-of-the-box disclosure monitoring is enabled through pre-installed rules and reports covering different jurisdictions. The solution is available as a hosted solution, with on-going support for rules updates. We have data integrations with over 20 administrators, allowing for quicker
on-boarding process and better on-going support. A fully outsourced managed service can also be extended through our strategic partner,
Funds-Axis (

FundWare supports monitoring of a host of rules for different geographies.

Major shareholding rules

Takeover dealing disclosures

Short selling

Foreign investment rules

Sensitive sector rules

FundWare includes a set of key features

All rules pre-configured, tracked and updated

Comprehensive rules engine

De-composition of indices, baskets and ETFs

Incremental threshold monitoring with early warnings

Disclosure workflow

Aggregation at multiple levels

Pre-configured disclosure reporting

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