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Moneyware Custody is a one stop solution to roll out custody operation through a single unified system.

April 2018: MoneyWare® Custody is a global technology solution serving the dynamic need of custodian. The powerful capabilities of solution includes end to end processing of Global and Local custodian Trade Settlement, Cash Management, Fund Accounting, Integration with various systems like Swift, Core Banking, Bloomberg etc. The solution comes with benefit of High Level STP that improves operational efficiency. Versatile communication enables connectivity with global and sub custodian using standard protocol (Swift) and supports multiple currencies, entities and markets.

The Solution supports third party interface and reconciliation to upload and download data (e.g. trades from an external feeds, Bank and Depositary data for reconciliation). MoneyWare Custody enriches the client experience by providing online access to the end clients & self-service portal which provides customer with instant access to information, allow personalisation, and save valuable time.

The Phenomenal increase in the custodian service segment has triggered the need of cutting-edge technology solution, therefore we have introduced some of the new modules to cater the entire lifecycle of the securities industry such as:

Pension Fund Custody Module is an effective system for tracking the employee – employer contribution, the system manages subscription and reconciliation employee wise with risk management. Eliminates manual processes and reduces operational risk tracking employee transfer. Provides valuation reports of Assets under custody and handles effective withdrawal/redemption. The system also handles employee query securing regulatory compliance and ability to meet any reporting requirements.

Real Estate Custody Module provides services by safekeeping all documents and records related to the real estate and securely saves to the common location for future reference. Tracking Mechanism manages Income and Expense related to property, it is also capable to map agents to a property and manage their commissions.

Our experience across the global markets with leading custodian in India, Middle East, Africa, Philippines. Kenya & Mauritius make us a niche technology player in the custodian segment.

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