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Miles Software unveils its new brand identity.

JUNE 2018: Miles Software the #1 Global fintech specialist is excited to announce the unveiling of Miles Software’s new brand identity, a complete transformation that marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey forward.

Our logo:

Our new Miles Software logo has a refreshingly new look about it. It has been developed to reflect energy, modernity, confidence and values. We chose the colour blue in the logo as it signifies trust, professionalism, experience and expertise. The ‘E’ in the logo is a symbol for “summation” which is what we use in accounting and finance and reflects the space we dominate. The F and T in the logo are conjoined, to signify Financial Technology, in which we continue to lead and cause positive disruption.  The A in the logo is a triangle which reflects our three-fold thrust towards innovative technologies, customer-centricity and excellence.  It is these values that empowers us to continue to forge new relationships and march forward confidently ahead as we continue to build, grow and create impact for our customers

Our website:

Click on www.milessoft.com, and revel in the new look. You will notice that the new website wears its brand-new look with confidence, reflecting our expertise and authority in the financial services technology space. It also reflects our philosophy centred around 3 core areas: customer-centricity, innovation and excellence. Everything we have done to our website has been centred around you: what you expect to know, learn and evaluate, and how you want to go about doing that online.

We have simplified the content structure for easier access and improved content narrative giving you information that is easier to recall. In addition to these changes, we have also focused on a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, geared towards delivering a great user experience.

The triangles in all are communications anchors our 3 core values and beautifully illustrate our vision of looking ahead confidently with authority and assurance.

As you absorb and revel in the new look Miles Software, we stand committed with great enthusiasm to making a compelling. Let us continue to live the Miles dream of redefining everything we do which has been embodied in our new tag-line: Financial Solutions technology redefined. We look forward to sharing this next phase of our journey with you and continuing to enable your success.

Let us know what you think of our new look. Thank you for your support.

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