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Global Disclosures Monitoring


MoneyWare FundWare Supports comprehensive monitoring capabilities for global regulatory investment disclosures for over 70 countries.

Miles Software Solution automates the scrutiny of the global disclosure investment rules including EU Transparency Directives, Global Short Selling rules, Takeover rules and U.S. Section 13F 13D and 13G reporting across 70+ jurisdictions on a single platform.

The solution offers a pre-installed pre-configured set of rules that will help the users to control and manage growing volumes of compliance data, adapt to a widening range of complex regulatory rules and help minimize compliance-related issues. With an in-built calculation engine capable of performing complex aggregation functions the MoneyWare FundWare Global Disclosure Monitoring platform offers a one-stop solution for compliance monitoring and disclosure management.

This includes compliance for:

  • Reporting for U.S. Section 13D, 13G and 13F
  • European Union Transparency Directive limits
  • Global short selling rules
  • Takeover disclosure rules such as UK Takeover Rule 8
  • Foreign investment limits
  • Sensitive sector rules

Solution Process Flow

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MoneyWare FundWare Automated Monitoring of EU Short Selling Key features include:

  • All rules pre-coded
  • Integrated data feeds including for Sovereign debt thresholds EU Shares lists plus Issuer data Issued Shared capital Exempted Shares where the principal trading venue is outside the EU
  • De-composition of indices, baskets, ETFs
  • Incremental threshold monitoring
  • Aggregation of funds to management company level
  • Aggregation across legal entities to group level for non-management activities
  • Delta-based calculation
  • Record keeping of the gross long and short positions contributing to the net short
  • Demonstration of Correlations
  • Automation of reporting