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MoneyWare Business Analytics and Reporting Services


Today, every business faces multiple challenges relating to improving performance, increasing productivity, ever-changing regulations, heightened competition and increased customer demands. To seize opportunities and get ahead of the competition, you need agile and proactive decision making capability in every sphere of your organization activities that brings success.

MoneyWare Business Analytics & Reporting Services (BARS) equips you with tools that empowers and enables you to manage these challenges by providing deep insights and business analytics that help you monitor performance and trends, discover anomalies, identify opportunities and forecast business opportunities. This comprehensive solution brings together actionable insights required for quick and informed decision-making.

Key Features

  • Integrated Platform
    • Fully integrated with MoneyWare
    • Role based access to data, query, and reporting & analytical capabilities
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Detailed analysis of trends across all products by sector, geography, advisors, channels and clients
    • Interactive and insightful analysis with a powerful cross-tab function
    • Easily modify reports and add charts to gain predictive insights
  • Interactive Dashboards
    • Quick overview of business through interactive visual representations
    • Identify key performance and business trends
  • Self - Serviced Reporting
    • Analyse underlying business data to create and deploy reports
    • Easy scheduling to generate reports to multiple stakeholders at required intervals
    • Reports generated in Excel, HTML, Image, Word and PDF formats
  • Flexible Datawarehouse
    • Choice of a flexible datawarehouse to meet specific needs
    • Reduced cost of deployments, maintenance and faster deployment time

Value Proposition

  • Actionable insights on business performance
  • Customer intelligence to analyze, understand, and forecast customer behavior
  • Risk Management insights to help thwart, monitor, and respond to risk
  • Enhanced service delivery by optimizing and driving all your internal processes